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Dr. Lindsey
08-11-2016, 07:10 AM
This younger guy had a nice frontal third case done and came several times during the week for cleaning. I've posted several cleaning videos and this just adds to the mix and hopefully clarifies how OUR patients should clean. Recognize that other doctors may have their own routines, so of course, do what YOUR doctor says to do.

My big worry, and I've seen it a bunch in mild forms and a few times in severe forms...is that if guys simply don't clean...then so much crust builds up and the bonds of the crust to the hair is stronger than the bond of the roots into the scalp...and when the crust sheds...out comes the follicles. One fellow in particular, caused me some headaches with online slandering of me a few years back and due to privacy laws...I simply couldn't show his lack of cleaning and tell my side of the story. I have had a couple of patients, including a lawyer we did 2 fantastic cases on...who had some mild crust-follicle extraction that was clearly seen in his postop pics and at a year...which we fixed at his second case...then at his second case...he cleaned like a champ! Videos showing that are available on my youtube site as well.

So look at our video and this may clarify how our patients are to clean. While this young guy is a relatively high profile fellow, I think we'll get him in sequentially for updates over the next year.

The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FbzXYUQSo4

Dr. Lindsey

08-12-2016, 03:23 AM
Can you tell me more about costs please ?

Dr. Lindsey
08-12-2016, 04:02 AM
All of our costs are right on our webpage for everyone to see. No surprises at our office with upselling or sales tactics.

Dr. Lindsey