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08-05-2016, 09:00 AM
I am trying to get an idea of what is going on here. I live a VERY simple life and really want to maintain my hair for the duration as best as possible. I basically work, gym, eat, i travel a bit, i enjoy women a lot. No smoking or drugs, maybe only some drinking once every couple of months(literally like a single night out).

I am an almost 32 year old male, I have the curse of youth and look like i am 8-10 years younger and i utilize this to full advantage with the opposite sex. I am really fortunate to be healthy and i realize this.

Since i was a kid my hairline is the shape of a norwood 2, literally since age 12 or so. The temples havent really fallen back at all. My hair is lightbrown, fine stranded.

Last year I decided to change careers and went through what i believe was a stress shed. I panicked, but rode it out and it was all good after basically christmas. After it was complete, by mid april or may I had a full head of long(3-4 inch) hair. I could run my hairs through it during the day and have nothing in my hand, could brush it endlessly and see nothing in the brush. It was probably the thickest its every been in my life. Lately I have been afraid to even touch it.

I enjoy the gym a ton, the daily progress in strength and yearly progress in body change is really a happy thing for me. I basically became really focused on hitting a calorie number for the purpose of building lean mass, not realizing the nutritional value wasnt there.

Only realizing it now my nutrition was not where it needed to be for probably the better part of a full year(but I did put on a solid 5-6 good lbs). I decided to lean down for the beachmid may this year, and right about the time I was beach ready my hair decided to fall out(july). Starting at 15, then 20-35 and most recently I yesterday had a day of 100 pieces lost. Literally just covering everything. Its not stopping. Its been about a month long, maybe 5 weeks. It seems to be getting worse

Most if not all of these hairs have some variation of a bulb on them, some with a small bit of "skin" on them. As I brush my hair I can literally feel the scalp letting them go - its like a popping sensation. I am more aware of my scalp and it feels as if it has a cool sensation on it - its very strange.

Most of the loss is from the top, temples seem to still not really have moved, maybe a bit? But its all mostly from the top(all longer hair, varying in shaft thickness)

My family history is my mothers father had a norwood 2Aish from age 21 or so to age 36(going by photos). My father full hair until maybe 40ish(70ish now bald spot, thinned and straight light receded), grandfather basically had a nearly full head of hair.

I want to stop whatever is going on - i have an appointment for bloodwork to check for nutritional deficiency.

I know that stress causes shed - i am contending with the leandown diet(gradual at first, then a bit more aggressive) and age mixed with work stress maybe being the reason. Its been hot as hell, the gym is hot as hell and im literally drenched(so this makes me think a heat/stress/diet shed).

But I am actually scared and not sure what to think. I don't want to be told im premature, I want to stay ahead of this or on top of it.

I can add photos if needed.

08-09-2016, 12:58 PM