View Full Version : While looking to have fue - i have concluded i will go with fut - surgeons ???

08-04-2016, 08:27 PM
I have completed my research in terms of FUE versus FUT
Interesting that all the surgeons that perform both recommended FUT.
Obviously the one surgeon that strictly performs FUE, recommended FUE.

This also opens the opportunity to see other surgeons
I have a receding and thinning hairline and its thinning on top but i have a thick head of hair and have been told my donor hair is great.

I would like a dense opaque natural looking hairline
I have narrowed it down to the following surgeons but I'm open to suggestions, I ruled out a well known Vancouver Surgeon only because they use staples and informed me they would instruct me how to remove
Dr. Alexander AZ
Dr. Shapiro MN
Dr. Dauer CA