View Full Version : 3D Scalp Micropigmentation!!!!

08-04-2016, 09:39 AM
Hi my name is Shareef and I work for a company HeadstrongNY. We specialize in scalp-micropigmentation which in my opinion and not because I work for a company that specializes in it, but I feel scalp-micropigmentation is the only effective way to eliminate baldness permanently. I am 38 and started balding at 20. For years I cut my hair really short thinking maybe it would sort of blend. After that stopped working, I started using make up and cover ups on my head and that is where life seemed to stop. I was too afraid to be in public too long because I thought it would rub off or someone would notice. I had no love life cause the make up would come off on my pillow. Summer was the worst for me cause with humidity it was hard to apply the cover up let alone keep it on. Then I said I will try a transplant. Well, that failed and left me with a huge disgusting scar. So, not only did I have to continue the cover up, but now I had a scar in the back. To make matters worse I ended up getting addicted to pain killers briefly due to the pain meds they gave me after the transplant. So, fast forward to the present. I saw a news report on CBS news about a cure for baldness. I tuned in, and it was scalp-micropigmentation. I brushed it off for a few months and then googled it and said I will give my hair loss fight one last try. I contact a few places such as His-Hair Clinic who never called me back and Good Look ink who said I had to fly 2000 miles away for two quick sessions and would have to pay again, for additional sessions. So, in my despair I came across headstrongny.com and from start to finish I knew my life was going to change. I got the procedure almost a year ago and I am living again. It doesn't matter if you go with headstrongny or anyone else, I just want you guys to know you do not have to suffer. Just look into scalp-micropigmentation in general. If you one to know more, I am your man:cool: