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07-30-2016, 09:50 PM
Hi guys,

I am comparatively young to many of the users on here, and have been using Rogaine for more than a year now; only on my temples and hairline. This October, I will have been using Rogaine for about two years now.
I have had mixed results. Before I started, my temples and forehead were definitely receding, and I had something between an NW1 and NW2. Nowadays, my temples and forehead looks to me more like a cross between an NW2 and NW3, I have been taking pictures overtime that have confirmed some recession and thinning, and this trend begun before I started eve using rogaine.
I'm not really balding badly but my temple recession and thinning around my hairline was obvious to me and made me uncomfortable, and so I was recommended rogaine by two separate dermotolagists.

I don't enjoy using rogaine at all, I absolutely hate it, and I cannot tell if it is really making a difference, if I am really balding at all, or if using it is practical. Not to mention I believe it has had some effect on giving me blurry vision.

What I am asking is if it is realistic to expect to use rogaine over a long period of time to sustain my hairline, say 10 years? Is this safe? At this point I am dug in and I fear if I stop now I might loose more hair. I feel like I have locked in my hairline and temples into using rogaine.

My fears are that using rogaine will worsen my receding hairline and temples, or potentially be the culprit of substantial hair loss if I did not have anything more than a maturing hairline, and I also fear that rogaine may take an effect on my sight or create facial swelling?

In my case, is it safe or even advisable to use rogaine? Is it too late to stop? Was using it a mistake? Has anybody on this forum been using rogaine for more than 2 years with any success, particularly on their hairlines?
Also has anybody experienced some blurry vision while using rogaine, which never occurred before using rogaine?

Thank you so much for any advice or comments, there aren't many people I can turn to for advice on this topic. My dermatologists are ill informed on hair loss, and are pushing for propecia, so i'd rather turn to some first hand experience for advice.

07-31-2016, 01:19 AM
Rogaine works best on the crown, and not so much on the temples/top of the head.

I would start with propecia and use rogaine on the crown (at least once a day)

07-31-2016, 07:13 AM
I've not read of any significant health risk that comes from using it long term like that. That's what it's supposed to be, a treatment to use indefinitely. But this is also why I didn't bother with it in the first place - getting started on it and not seeing significant benefits, but being concerned about losing hair from stopping using it and so being stuck in with the hassle of smearing that messy shit on my head twice a day. The other thing is all the people that say it caused their face to age, but being alive for 10 years will cause that too.

07-31-2016, 08:20 PM
If one did not really have MPB but a maturing hairline, started rogaine, and then decided to go off of it, would this adversely affect their otherwise healthy hairline? Has their hair become dependent on it?
This may not apply to me, but I have been curious about this.

Basically what I am asking is does existing, healthy hair or hair you haven't necessarily lost yet, become dependent on rogaine, even if it may not fall out? Let's say side burn hair.

A lot of questions about rogaine, address as many as you all think you can. I greatly appreciate all feedback and answers!

08-01-2016, 06:29 PM