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07-26-2016, 07:37 AM
Well I posted back in October/November of 2015 when my hair took a turn for the worst, but since them it seems to have resolved somewhat. Its not 100℅ but I'd say about 75℅. Anyway, I had been wondering and doing research and I feel like I experienced telogen effluvium shedding. I tried to think about events that may have caused the shed, and realized just recently thar it may have been due to my wisdom teeth surgery 2 months prior, in August 2015. So now that I recovered slightly from the shed and loss, I just had my tonsils and adenoids out last week. That being said I am extremely afraid of having another shed. Maybe its the anesthesia, I don't know. With this surgery its only been a week and I've already lost 10 pounds and have not eaten much because of the pain. I know that can also contribute to telogen effluvium as well as the anesthesia so this is like a double whammy. I feel like I've already been shedding more as well and look thinner up there. Does anyone have any advice for how to prevent a major shed in the coming weeks or months? I was thinking rogaine, but then again that may make everything worse. I know it'll come back but if its anything like last time I'll have 50% of the density and thickness that I used to. HELP!!!