View Full Version : Hello is this dieing hair or something else?!

07-25-2016, 10:09 PM
Hello all, new to this fourm. Been high and low for answers on the Internet anyway,

Anyhow I'm Sean nice to met yous, anyway I'm 29 and there is a history of mpb in the family I know I will go completely bald at some point, that's just life and I will have to deal with it.

Anyhow about a year ago or a year and a half, I went on holiday with my girlfriend she took a picture before we entered the plain, no big deal. Anyway on the plane we where checking the pictures as you do, and I notest that a big bald line was going down my scalp, it was a big wake up call I thought that's it the hair is done :eek:

I made peace with it and shaved it all off my girlfriend likes me with my hair shaved, and not being a twat I am lucky enough to actually suite it :o

The problem is, is when I get stubble or decide to just let what I have left to grow for a while I get this realy bad itch, to the point I realised I was actually pulling out my hair and leaving scape marks, I took a picture of my scalp with my Samsung note 4 nuffing professional. I notest that there was tiny hairs that just don't seem to grow.

There is other hair around the little hairs that dose grow, but these tiny hairs won't, or I just don't let them as I hate the patches and shave it off.

The question here guys is am I going bald or am I suffering from something else? Also I have lost the hair on my legs the itch is extremely bad!!

I asked my dad if his scalp was itchy before the doomed end, he said no and cannot find anything on this! Looks like my hair is thinning but when you take a picture and zoom in there looks like healthy thick stubble. Problem is it just won't grow! I have also been thinking this maybe loads and loads of ingrowing hair!

I just don't know really need some help or some home remedies that will at least take away this God afwal itch.

Sorry for the long post, if anyone can help my situation or give me any information wtf is going on with me, I would he duely in your favour, thank you Sean :)

Pictures are linked below :cool: