View Full Version : Normal side effect of Finestride?

07-25-2016, 02:00 PM

2 weeks ago I began to take 0.5 mg of generic Propecia to treat my hair loss. There has not really been much in way of sides, and although I have noticed difficulty in masturbating and watery semen I am not worried since these are common.

However something has been occurring that I could not find much information on, so I wanted to ask about it. A few days after starting, I began to feel a tightness in my testicles, primarily on the right side and generally only when I am sitting. It's not pain or even really an ache. It just feels very uncomfortable, enough so that I have to continually move around. This has not gone away yet.

Is this a normal effect for most people while getting adjusted to the medication? Or is it something I should be concerned about?

Thank you in advance!