View Full Version : Marc Dauer, MD-1568 FUE Grafts At 11 Months

Marc Dauer, MD
07-21-2016, 05:06 PM

Here is a patient of mine who is not taking propecia who had underwent 6 pervious hair transplant procedures with other physicians. The previous procedures were smaller procedures. Two of his procedures were performed by a large hair transplant chain and the others by 3 different local hair transplant physicians. The patient presented to me wanting increased density in the frontal and mid scalp and not wanting another strip procedure. He felt his scalp was too tight from the last procedure.

I personally harvested 1568 grafts via FUE using a 0.8mm motorized tip. The grafts were placed in the frontal and mid scalp using the lateral slit technique.

The results are shown after 11 months. The patient is thrilled and says this has been the most impactful of all his procedures. He should see a little more cosmetic density over the next few months as the hairs thicken in caliber.

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