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07-15-2016, 01:36 PM
Hair loss story:

I am currently 28 turning 29 . I had hair loss starting from the age of 24 but i neglected it thinking that i was not going bald as it doesn't run in my family. Two years back i became concerned after some friends from my university days commented that i had lost a lot of hair. So i immediately went on minoxidil after going through online forums. Didn't want to consult a doctor because i wasn't that concerned yet.

It halted the hair loss but didn't stop it. My mistake as i should have given more importance to my receding hairline. My current hair looks like the attached image. So i talked to a couple of renowned hair transplant doctors. The first guy suggested me to go for a transplant of around 2000 grafts. The second doctor i talked to and the third sounded more reasonable. They advised me to start on propecia immediately and wait for a couple of years before giving hair transplantation of thought. According to them what i have is diffused pattern baldness and hair transplant can cause a lot of shock loss currently in my case. I hope i am taking the correct decision. FIngers crossed, :-)

But these are the important lessons i have learned.

1. Male pattern baldness need not always be genetic. Ignoring thinning hair because no one in your family is bald is a bad decision.
2. Ignoring to consult a actual dermatologist specializing in hair loss even though it would be a 10 minutes consultation is a bad decision.(for my case it was price of consultation and tight schedule of work)
3. Yes propecia has side effects but not starting early when you have mbp is foolish.The analogy i have now is you don't stop driving to work because you are worried that you might be faced with an accident.

I hope my story helps someone in my age group researching the internet for thinning hair. Feel free to share your thoughts/stories.

P.s: English is not my first language. Hope i haven't made any major mistakes while conveying my story.