View Full Version : VIDEO Hair greed. Repair case wants more! Where to put it?

Dr. Lindsey
07-15-2016, 07:09 AM
This guy, and his family, have all been repair cases of mine. They're a nice bunch of fellows and this guy in particular looks great. But like his two bothers....he constantly thinks he needs more hair. He walked in a few weeks ago and looks completely natural. What a change from when we first got a hold of him.

Now he would like just "a little more density" along that hairline. It'll be tough, given that we've packed him pretty tightly and he has fine black hair and really white skin. But I imagine we can find room for a few hundred singles later this year. Whether that makes a cosmetic difference to anyone other than him, and his magnifying mirror, is hard to know. I'm pretty sure we can improve things a little with very little actual risk...but as I've posted many, many times, perfection is the enemy of good.

If he moves forward, I'll update his story. In the meantime, take a look.


Dr. Lindsey