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Hair Transplant documentation with Dr Scott Alexander Phoenix, AZ (http://biltmorehairrestoration.com)

Here is a great patient testimonial and write up after his HT with Dr Scott Alexander - For a free online consultation with Dr Alexander please visit his site here : http://www.biltmorehairrestoration.com/hair-transplant-consultation-arizona.php

One FUT Session, 2583 total grafts.


Patient is taking Finasteride, Minoxodil, Revita, Nizoral to help stabilise and maintain his situation and help protect against further progressive hair loss.

When I was younger, I never worried about losing my hair because it was always so thick. I always assumed that I would end up like my oldest brother, who still looks like he did when he was a teenager. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. I started thinning in my late teens. In fact, a comparison of the photo from my original driver's license (16 yrs old) to my freshman college ID (18 yrs old) shows that my front hairline was already receding. By the time I turned 21, I had lost even more hair, but this didn't concern me. I knew my hairline would recede as I got older, but I figured that it would stop eventually.

It wasn't until a few years later that a different brother of mine began commenting on how thin my hair had gotten. I brushed off his comments and said he was crazy. My hair looked great, and besides, I had a lot more hair than he did at my age! But after awhile, I began to look at my head from different angles. I was shocked to find that I could easily see my scalp when looking from the top. That's when I got serious about taking care of my hair.

I began taking Finasteride to try and slow the hair loss process and try to regrow some that I had lost. I also began using different shampoos and experimenting with Minoxodil. My older brother who had warned my about my hair loss (and who had receded even further than I had) found an excellent transplant surgeon, Dr. Scott Alexander, and decided to receive grafts. After seeing his amazing results, I decided to do the same.

Even though I was only 26, I decided to have the procedure done as a form of "preventative maintenance." I knew that if I waited, I would probably lose more hair, and then my original hairline would have to be entirely reconstructed. If I did it right away I could work with what I still had, and the results would end up more natural.
How has my hair loss affected me?
It was tough being so young and already having to worry about losing my hair. Once it's gone, there's no getting it back! Or so it seemed. In some ways, the worst part was that I wasn't "bald" yet. What I mean by that is that I still had enough hair to get by, but I knew that if I didn't do something, most of it would be gone within a few years. That's stressful.

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?
Transplants blew every other treatment away.

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?
Absolutely! I just looked at some pictures from a year ago and was blown away! You get used to looking at yourself in the mirror...so I had completely forgotten how much more hair I have now than before the procedure.

My experience with Dr. Alexander and his staff couldn't have been any better. I felt like they took care of me every second along the way and really cared about doing a great job.

What hair loss treatments would I recommend? Definitely the transplants and the Finasteride or Propecia.
How has hair restoration surgery changed my life? So much of the worry is gone. I know that my hair looks great and I don't have to worry about looking ten years older than I really am. I also don't have to check my hair in the mirror nine times a day to see if it's gotten any thinner!!
My general advice and suggestions ? Stop waffling and take action! Dr. Alexander is a fantastic surgeon and gets results. Once you make that appointment your life will never be the same.

These photos clearly illustrate the thinning that had taken place in the side alleys, as well as some on the top. All of my grafts were placed in the front to strengthen the hairline. I decided that maybe five or ten years down the road I could always do a second session to have some placed near the crown.





Immediately post op



Day 15


Month 2.5

These were taken after my first haircut. At this point, you can begin to see the new hairs as they are starting to fill in the gaps. For those who recently had surgery or are thinking about having it, this is the point where you see real results! The 3-6 month period is the transformation stage, as you will witness in my next series of photos.




As I said before, the 3-6 month period was very significant in my transformation. These photos were taken in natural light with no hair product. I pulled back the hair in several of the shots so you can see the thickness of my hairline. Need I say more?

6 months



12 months Post op

I still can't believe how well this has turned out. You get so used to seeing yourself in the mirror every day, you forget what it used to be like until you see old photos! In these pictures, my hair is extremely long compared to how I was wearing it over the past several years due to how thin it had gotten. Maybe I'll actually go through more than one bottle of shampoo this year!







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