View Full Version : Dr. Lindsey Successful repair case of fine hair indian guy

Dr. Lindsey
07-12-2016, 09:53 AM
This nice fellow stopped in last week. He is a tough case...First off, of the two types of indian patients 1. Thick bushy hair and 2. Fine wispy hair....he's the second. Next, he has a relatively sparse donor area...which is easier to overcome if he were just in the first group of bushy hair people. Then...he's really a class 6 or 7 with LOTS of scalp to cover and limited hair to work with...and finally, he had a significant portion of his donor area WASTED before he got to me. The best I can tell is he was "sold" a preventative hair transplant ( which I see ALL the time ) where in theory the group do the transplant assured him that they would sprinkle hair in his thinning entire top, so that everything would thicken up and he'd be fine.

What happens in reality, and I've posted a bunch of these guys, is that first off its hard for the placers to see any holes given the patients long hair trying to comb over large thin patches...and second, when they do hit the holes, it is just not enough. When we end up shaving these guys down to repair them, and then I show the patient the number and sparseness of the grafts they paid for elsewhere...they often get fairly perturbed.

Prevention...do research BEFORE you sign up for surgery.

Well, what is done is done. So we did 2 strip cases, excising his wide scar with one and sewing up to it at the second. He has decent coverage and inquired about another case, but he just doesn't have the donor density to accomplish much at this point.

He stops by periodically and I'll try to get a short video next visit.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA