View Full Version : ARTAS FUE - Will This Finally Help To Create A Globally Consistent Standard Of Care?

07-11-2016, 10:58 AM
Spencer Kobren and Dr. Gabe Zingaretti discuss the importance of both expert input and the input of the TBT/BTT community in the evolution of the ARTAS robot, and how this unique approach to the development of this device, while extremely costly to the company, will eventually lead to a much safer and consistent environment for hair transplant patients.


07-29-2016, 02:06 PM
Like Iíve said before, this technology seems amazing! Itís really interesting to learn more about the behind the scenes stuff and how itís all developed. Gives me a lot of confidence that Spencer is so interested, and pro this technology. Iíve been on these forums for a long time and I canít really trust some of the doctors and the sales people who bash other types of procedures. Itís very discouraging and kind of sad that itís so apparent that some doctors are willing to do and say anything just to appear that they are better than the next guy. Thank you Spencer and Dr. Zingaretti for getting us this information I look forward to seeing more results and more videos. I was wondering if it were possible to do an interview with an actual patient who had surgery from a doctor who uses the robotic method?