View Full Version : Propecia at 9.5 months, my experience

07-10-2016, 05:02 PM
Hi all,

This is just a quick bullet-point recollection of my experiences.

Lots of shedding
very itchy scalp
periods of little-to-no-shedding
receding hairline

I haven't maintained my hair. It seems worse. I don't even have rapid hair-loss in my family. My dad had a receding hairline and kept losing but SLOWLY. He is not bald at 64. His hair-loss ramped up at 55+. He kept losing slowly and receding until that age (55), but had a full head of hair. He's also diabetic though and a doctor who works all the time. Very stressed out.

But my hairline is taking after him. Lots of temporal recession. I'm 31. I figure I'll just continue to recede as I age. It sucks but it is what it is.

I may have a HT with Dr. Rahal, but I wonder if its worth it if I'm just going to continue to recede and eventually bald.