View Full Version : New to hairloss, And i need Major help

07-10-2016, 04:54 PM
Hey everyone , i made my account today and after having dealt with hairloss for the past two years, I finally acepted its happening and im working to change it. However I have some questions, to see if other ppl are experiencing this.

Basically for reference, I am 21 years old and my dad is bald. I have a very oily scalp however I also have like hard scales on my scalp like dandruff kinda. I went to my derm and he says to use nizorol which i have used as specified. I also use a gentle organic lemon oil shampoo for daily washes. However, during this whole hair loss process before and after i introduced the shampoo, I realized I suffer from like scalp pain, like when the wind blows harsh on an area I often get like a dull throbing scalp pain particularly in the sides or the hairline. It also happens if i style my hair as well and I am usually extremely gentle. I also use wax and hairstyle when styling my hair but I am careful about getting it on my scalp to prevent clogging. I also have some pimples on my scalp every once and a while. I asked my derm but he didnt see any problems but my question is that what could be the cause of scalp pain on the parts of my scalp? even when i dont or do style it it gets like this. So far ive been using finestride (1 month no problems what so ever actually) and i feel like it slowed down my hairloss ( i would lose 20-30 strands in the shower, now im down to like 15). But i still get that annoying scalp pain, I was looking into maybe buying the dr miracle line as i heard its good, but i wanna know does anyone else experience this? If so, what can i do to make the pain go away and help make my hair strong and healthy? thank you for reading this btw i know its a lot. I just dont really know who to turn to.

07-10-2016, 06:31 PM
For your scalp pain, I would suggest starting with massaging your scalp every day (in the shower). That should help ease the pain a little bit. I would also suggest you to try out Phytoworx shampoo - It's not a miracle solution but it helps stop hair shedding, or at least slow it down. I have reviewed the product on my blog, Rescue My Hair (http://www.rescuemyhair.net/phytoworx-shampoo-review/), if you want to take a look.

Have you tried Minox 5%? It does wonder if you still have hair. Studies show that 70% of Men who used Minox were able to stop their hair loss.

07-13-2016, 07:37 PM
yeah ill look at it, so far ive tried the nioxin shampoos and i have yet to try Minox 5%, im just worried about overloading my body with like a bunch of stuff. Do you ever experience like pimples?

07-14-2016, 02:40 PM
Head and shoulders did help with my dandruff, better then most other dandruff shampoo and hair shedding was also milder then most other shampoo products.