View Full Version : 2200 FUE hairline repair/plug removal - 24-month results by Patrick Mwamba, MD

WHTC Clinic
07-01-2016, 08:35 AM
This patient had three surgeries prior to coming to Dr. Patrick Mwamba in Brussels, Belgium. The hairline and frontal third had five-millimeter punch grafts resulting in an unsightly appearance. As years passed and subsequent hair loss occurred, the frontal scalp revealed obvious effects of the early plug procedure. The sheer volume of the plugs caused cobble-stoning and ridging on the frontal scalp. Repairing the hairline and removing plugs is a complex process that can require more than one session.

Dr. Patrick Mwamba treated the patient by removing some of the plugs and transplanting approximately 2200 FUE/FIT grafts to improve naturalness and increase density. Rebuilt with naturally occurring follicular unit grafts, the hairline was slightly lowered, and the temple peaks were redefined with fine hair grafts to proportionately balance the face. The goal of the patient has been met. These are the 24-month results.

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