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06-29-2016, 04:05 AM
Hello guys,

just a quick post to ask 1) if there is a recommended minox shampoo that can be used as a substitute to rogain foam. I currently use neutrogena t-gel.

2)Is rogain foam effective if used once a day?

I am already on propecia since december but so far no massive regrowth. Maybe it has stopped.

Any advise is valued!
Thank you!

06-29-2016, 04:00 PM
I have no knowledge if any studies were done on minoxidil being effective as a shampoo. Due to its low rate of absorption I'd say if it is effective its probably less so then the foam or the liquid. I recall most physicians claiming results can be reached with once daily application, but its probably slightly inferior to twice daily. The foam works, there are studies to prove it, although I think that the solution is more effective. It has a better vehicle and is easier to get directly onto the scalp. I personally have been using the liquid 2wice daily for nearly a month now. Went througha huge shed but am already seeing early improvement. Heres the deal, minoxidil is a pain in the ass at first, liquid twice daily is proven to be the most effective and keeping that up for 16 weeks sucks. I'm here for that big cash payout on regrowth so greasy hair for a couple hours a day is a small price to pay. I plan to switch to once daily at night after my results peak.