View Full Version : 4K UltraHD, 3648 Grafts, Jerry Cooley MD

06-23-2016, 06:27 PM
Here is another 4K Ultra HD video shot of a patient of Jerry Cooley MD and Hair Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This patient is in his late 30ís and was very bothered by hair loss in the crown and at the hairline. He had been taking finasteride with stabilization of his hair loss. Dr. Cooley discussed the pros and cons of FUSS vs FUE. Because he was unable to shave his scalp due to work requirements, he opted for unshaven FUSS. We performed 3,648 grafts, placing the 1 and 2 hair grafts at the hairline, and the 3-5 hair grafts in the crown. We also performed PRP/ACell. He is shown at 12 months.

Optimal detail is best observed on a 4K smart tv or 4K monitor.