View Full Version : 34 year-old with three procedures w/Dr. Alexander in Phoenix, AZ

06-20-2016, 10:01 AM
My name is Abel. I’m 34 years-old and am in the recovery phase of my third procedure. I currently have pretty thick, dark hair. Although I’ve always had that receding hairline “shape” after going through puberty, I didn’t notice minor thinning of my hairline and temples until I was about 22-23. Since my existing hair is thick, I was able to conceal this by wearing my hair shaggy.

I’ve had three procedures, all performed by Dr. Alexander in Phoenix, AZ. I live in Phoenix, so I’m fortunate to have a highly recommended surgeons within minutes of my house.

My 1st procedure was a strip procedure of about 1400 grafts into my hairline and back into my existing hair in late 2007 at age 25. The results were good. I wore my hair shaggy at the time, so my hairline was never really exposed regardless, although I knew that I’d want to look into thickening it up down the road. Absolutely no one knew I even had the procedure done.

My 2nd procedure was performed in 2012, just before turning 30. This strip procedure added an additional 1600 grafts into my hairline and my temple areas in order to help thicken the area, as well as touching up some additional recession that has occurred since the first procedure. After the second procedure, I was able to comb my hair back and adopt a new “look” that I was pretty comfortable with. When wet, the contrast between the grafts and existing hair was still pretty obvious, but when dry and poofy, the result looked pretty good. But I knew I’d eventually want a third procedure a few years down the road, which I wanted to prolong as long as possible.

My 3rd procedure was done in summer of 2016 at age 34. An additional 1800 grafts were added to my temples, further thickening the area, as well as adding some more into my hairline. I’m currently one month post op from this procedure and wanted to share some observations.

I’m not sure whether or not I had shock loss during the first two procedures, as my hair was fairly long and shaggy during the recovery periods. I was able to conceal my scar and my donor area for several months, so I didn’t really pay much attention to what was going on. This third procedure, however, I decided to keep my current “combed back” hairstyle.

Initially, my hair looked good. The addition of the grafts actually gave the illusion that I had more density than before. Additionally, the scar was virtually undectable with my lower hair being at about a 4 or 5 blade. After about 3 weeks though, I noticed that when I ran my finger across my scar, I had some baby smooth patches, which made me a little concerned. When I went to get my first haircut one month after the procedure, the lady had to use a 6 blade on the sides to make sure the scar and patch area remained mostly concealed - although it’s still noticeable if drop my head down. I also noticed what I’m pretty sure is shock loss within the transplanted temples, as the hair in that area now looks thinner than it did prior to the procedure. I’m not sure if previously transplanted areas fell out or what’s happening. From what I’ve read, this is just shock loss that will eventually return within a few months.

As for treatment, in 2007, I immediately started using Propecia once I knew I was going to seek out my first procedure. I had to stop after a few weeks, because the sexual side effects were very obvious and not something I wanted to have to live with. I tried again in 2012 after my second procedure, but the side effects were the same, even after lowering the dosage to half. I asked Dr. Alexander if I should at least do minoxidil, but he said that with my current type if hair loss, he didn't feel that I needed to do anything at that particular point.

After my third procedure, it was recommended that I get on minoxidil to help preserve/slow down the weakening of my hairs in the temple area. Fortunately, I have absolutely no loss in my crown, so I’m hoping it stays that way. Most men in my family have no hair in their temples, but their existing hair remains thick, with no crown loss. I’m hoping I continue to follow the same pattern.

Dr. Alexander took some pre and post-op videos of my last procedure, although I don’t have them. If he sees this, maybe he can post them. I’ll post some updates as time progresses and hopefully start seeing some changes.