View Full Version : ARTAS Donor Destruction?

06-18-2016, 11:31 PM
Dr. Arocha feels that there is some negative information regarding the use of the ARTAS hair restoration robot. Some have said that the ARTAS system causes excessive donor scarring and damage due to unnecessarily large punches as well as having a reduced area of donor hair that the robot can harvest from which can contribute to the patient having a "moth eaten" donor zone. These are not concerns that are currently valid due to how the system operates and any tangible cosmetic downsides really come down to user judgement.

The ARTAS system is unique in that it is continuously updated with new information to make it better. There is a steady stream of system updates that include, among other things, the control algorithm, the punch sizes and the dexterity of the robotic arm itself. These improvements are obvious and dramatic even when compared to what was being done only two short years ago. Dr. Arocha feels that these advancements to the ARTAS system warrant a second look.

The case below is one that was performed six months ago where approximately 1800 grafts were harvested. The photos were taken during surgery so there is no post-operative power washing to clean the donor area. The ARTAS system is not perfect and Dr. Arocha feels that if one is to use the ARTAS in their practice the clinic should be in a position to take over with manual extraction if necessary but in general the benefits of the ARTAS system in it's current iteration are clear. When compared to any clinic using manual extraction it would be extremely difficult for even a trained eye to confidently say which extraction technique was used in these photos, manual punch extraction or extraction using the ARTAS robotic system.