View Full Version : Dr. Bhatti- Hairline repair case

06-16-2016, 04:10 PM
Repair case for a young Indian male who underwent an 1800 graft FUE hair transplant at another Clinic.

You can note -
1. Size 2.0 mm punch had been used, resulting in large scars (no more than 0.85 mm punch should be used for Indian Patients).
2. Misdirected hair along the hairline and the temples.
3. Less than satisfactory density of hair after 14 months of the procedure

The same was repaired-
1. Misdirected grafts were harvested and replanted in appropriate directions with dense packing.
2. 800 additional grafts were harvested and planted.

This case exemplifies repair of the old grafts wherein they were removed and packed in tightly, shifting the hairline a little backwards. Such repairs need 2-3 sittings since it is not possible to remove all previously planted grafts in one go.

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