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06-09-2016, 05:58 PM
Hey, so I decided to share my story too.

I first noticed that my temples are receding when i was 20 years old. I started using various expensive shampoos but obviously it didnt help. My temples were receding rapidly therefore i had to do something about it fast. I started using finasteride (proscar cut into 1.25mg) in May 2014 when i was 21. I am using it since then. I am 23 years old now.

Side effects: During my first year of using finasteride i had some testicular pain but it went away after couple months. Also i think that my sex drive was slightly affected too. Especially after around 6 months of using it. I remember i was in Amsterdam walking through the red light district and i had no interest whatsoever, I literally had to force myself into looking at those girls haha, my thingy literally stopped working for couple days that time. It all went back to normal after around 1 week. That was the last time i had any sides from using finasteride. I'm going to repeat myself: it all happened during my first year of using it. After that i have not experienced any sides. I think my body adjusted to it. I didnt notice a lot of shedding, but i think the rate of shedding was slightly higher at first.

Results: I remember in 2014 spring when my temples were receding rapidly i was like "omg this is the last summer i have decent hair". However two year after i still have my hair. I believe that propecia contributed a lot to it.

I had some regrowth on the top of my head. By top i mean temple region, but further up. I remember the area used to be transparent when wet, and now it is not.

When it comes to temples itself I am not sure if i had any regrowth.I think it kept receding for awhile after starting propecia, however I believe that now it stopped completely and the existing temple hair is getting thicker. I started parting my hair from left to right again which i havent done for more like 1.5 years, because of receding temples. And now it looks decent again therefore i believe my temples got a bit thicker. When looking at the pictures you can tell that my temples receded since 2014, however not a lot. I think that the whole recession occurred in the first 6-9 months, but at the same time i had some regrowth on top. Sorry i do not have many pics from 2014.

I attached 4 photos from 2014 and then various photos from today (wet hair, dry hair , styled hair).

To sum up, i think that propecia is working and halted my hair loss, even though my temples had slightly receded, it is stable now. I will continue taking finasteride and i truly hope that i will keep what i have.

06-21-2016, 09:30 PM
Congrats...fin is working for you with no sides. Stay on it.

06-30-2016, 07:17 AM
Thank you, i will keep you guys updated.