View Full Version : Is this MPB or something else ?

06-09-2016, 10:04 AM
I have been losing hair since May 2015 and lost almost 75% by November 2015 since then I have been keeping them too short so as to lessen the hair fall.
I have lost hair from every part of my head but mostly from the top (see 1st photo). My doctor firstly said that its not MPB (till February 2016, I visited him first in November 2015) and now he says that its MPB, but i'm not getting this that MPB follows a specific pattern of losing hair, but I don't see any pattern in my case i'm losing it from almost every side but mainly from top. So please confirm whether this is MPB or not. Also he suggested me to start using Mintop solution only but no Finasteride, shall i start using it ?

from past seven months i have been taking Hairbless tablets + vitamin E capsule + 1 Multivitamin capsule but that's not much effective till now.