View Full Version : VIDEO Dr. Lindsey discusses rationale for "frontal U" cases

Dr. Lindsey
06-05-2016, 07:33 AM
Viewers may have seen me refer to some select cases as "frontal U" cases. This video goes through 2 cases, a quicker growing 40ish year old and a slower growing late 20s repair case. Essentially with the frontal U case...we're working around the frontal tuft. This lets people still look unremarkable during the week 4-10 period when they have shock loss in the recipient area, before their native hair grows back and well before the new hair starts to grow. The downside is that if its one's destiny to lose that tuft...well it'll have to be addressed at some point. For guys who "think" they'll have the tuft for a while, based on their family traits...its a good option.

The first of these guys is now 6 years out, and I just heard from his wife again this morning on another topic...but his tuft is fine. The second guy probably has lost a little of that tuft and we'll likely deal with that and his crown, later this year. I've asked him to chime in, but he's not local, so it may take some time.

I hope this video is helpful.

Dr. Lindsey