View Full Version : Predicting one's level of genetic hairloss

03-22-2010, 10:04 PM
Are there any reliable ways to predict how extensive one's hairloss would be if nature is allowed to take its course? I am thinking about this in regard to my own hairloss situation, and determining whether I am a good candidate for HT. My thinking is that if my hairloss is not going to progress much beyond where it is right now (some thinning in the hairline) then I would seriously consider HT. On the other hand, if I am genetically destined to wind up as bald as Homer Simpson, then any HT would just be a waste of money, and I should just shave my remaining hair short and learn to live with it.

I've heard about genetic tests for MPB. Do they predict how extensive hairloss will be? In my family, none of my male relatives are bald, some experienced thinning in the front, but my oldest male relatives never progressed beyond a Norwood 2 or 3, with visible thinning in the front only, not the crown area.