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Marc Dauer, MD
06-03-2016, 02:54 PM

Here is a 30 year old patient of mine who is not taking propecia or using rogaine. He has naturally fine hair with a slight curl. Because of the fact that he is heading towards a severe hair loss pattern and not using any medications to slow down the natural process I decided to take a conservative approach to his case. The hairline was placed in a conservative location and not too many grafts were used in this procedure so as to preserve grafts in his donor region for the future when his hair loss worsens. The after photos here were taken 15 months after the patient received 2520 grafts via FUE. The grafts were harvested with a 0.8mm motorized punch. The receptor sites were all created as lateral slits to create the most acute angle for the grafted hair thus maximizing cosmetic density. The patient is thrilled with his results and we will be performing a follow up procedure in the next year to add to the existing density.

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