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Marc Dauer, MD
06-01-2016, 10:00 AM

Here is a patient of mine who had multiple strip procedures many years ago with other physicians. He had extensive scarring in the donor region which did not allow for another strip harvest. I extracted just over 400 grafts from the scalp and an equal amount from the neck below the jaw line.

The scalp grafts were used in the frontal scalp to soften the hairline and add density, and the beard grafts were used in the mid scalp to increase the density in that region.

I used a 0.75mm punch to remove the neck beard grafts which leaves an undetectable pinpoint scar.

Given the coarse and wavy nature of the beard hair it's impact on cosmetic density is significant even with a relatively small number of grafts.

The patient is thrilled with his results and has returned for another beard FUE harvest.

Harvesting from the neck portion of the beard is becoming much more common in my practice as I am seeing an increasing number of patients who are out of scalp donor hair and wanting more density and the results are very impactful.

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