View Full Version : HT at 40, stable loss, no fin/minox, anyone have any experience to share?

06-01-2016, 01:55 AM
I'll keep this brief.

I'm a NW3 at 35, loss has been completely stable over the past 5 years, no sheds or anything dramatic. Just the slow loss of a youthful hairline and the progression to sleazy old man hair coming along nicely.

I have no wish or desire to start carrying around a minox/fin/shampoo medkit and going through all that horrible maintenance bullshit. Truth be told, I am not even really bothered by the loss that much anymore.

I was thinking though, if I am still stable or at a similar stage by the time I hit 40, would it make sense to get a FUE transplant to restore a thick NW2 hairline? Mind you, I do not intend to take fin or get into any sort of medical situations.

Has any of you been in a similar situation? Would you say it's worth it? Money is no particular issue but I just want to see if I could obtain a good result with minimal hassle.