View Full Version : New Piloscopy Dates: June 6 & 8th

Carlos Wesley, MD
05-27-2016, 09:29 AM
Hi, all.

We are opening up two dates in the near future (June 6th & 8th) for patients interested in taking part in the piloscopy (http://www.drcarloswesley.com/scarless-surgery/) clinical trial. Please reach out to Barbara at info@drcarloswesley.com or 844-PILOFOCUS (844-745-6362) to learn more.

Numerous patients have safely participated in the trial and we've asked a few of them to candidly let everyone know about their experience. As a benefit to taking part in the trial, patients receive at least 300+ grafts (either FUT (http://www.drcarloswesley.com/follicular-unit-transplanting/) or FUE (http://www.drcarloswesley.com/follicular-unit-extraction/), based on the patient's preference) and there is no charge.

Patients thus far have found the experience comfortable, safe, and worthwhile. Here is a video clip (https://vimeo.com/168248357) from a case last week in which the monitor shows a hair follicle being harvested via a beneath the surface approach without traumatizing the overlying scalp surface.


05-27-2016, 02:11 PM
To All: I was a part of Dr. Wesley's piloscopy trail last week. In 2014, I had FUT with Dr. Wesley which turned out to be a very natural looking outcome at my hairline and mid-scalp. Donor strip scar is barely visible. His office contacted me in late 2015 about the trial and I was interested in participating and gain some density at a specific spot with a combination of the piloscopy and FUT thru my old donor scar. The piloscopy experience was painless and I felt some pressure. He showed me where he removed the hairs with the piloscopy and it was hard to see where the hairs were taken via this technology. FUT was performed to complete the process of total of 400 hairs. Nine days later, the FUT donor stitches were taken out and I have some slight swelling in the back of my head which the Dr. said will subside. Overall, this experience was well worth for me and Dr. Wesley and his staff are very professional and work well together as a team. I will follow up later in year to talk about final results.