View Full Version : Advice about cutting hair post hair transplant

05-26-2016, 01:49 PM
Hello Forum Members,

I used to be completely bold, I think I was NW5 or NW6, can't remember. Anyway, I had 2 FUE sessions, a couple of years ago. I was advised I would need at least 3. I haven't gone for my 3rd yet. So far I am reasonably happy with the result. Before my HT I used shave my head regularly. I did that for at least 7 years. I kind of got used to the bold look. However, I missed not having the hair, and the choice. The last few years, since having hair, I have been wearing it normal length, and going for a haircut once a month. Anyway, I recently went to the barbers and got a blade 3 all over. I kind of like it short again. And I want to start using a clipper to keep my hair at stubble length, about a blade 1. My only concern is that if I used a hair clipper to cut my hair almost daily or every few days, do I risk damaging the hair that I have grown or the implants? I was told by the clinic not to use a clipper on my head for the first 6 months or something, Its now been a couple of years at least. I know some people will think I am weird to want to cut it all off after getting hair. But I do like the simple look, and i like having the stubble hair on top. I don't like the smooth bold look though. Anyway, can anyone with knowledge about this let me know. It would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.