View Full Version : itch and dandruff with finasteride

05-24-2016, 04:21 AM
Hi everyone

I've started a topic before (Approx one year ago: https://www.baldtruthtalk.com/threads/19913-Shedding-like-hell-on-fin...?highlight=). Back than, i developed some bad itch 4 months into fin. Whatsoever, i did quit cold turkey back then and the itch disappeared but not my hair loss. So I decided to give Fin a second try at a lower dose. Now Iím at 0.25 mg EOD. Before getting on Fin, I was shedding 200 - 300 Hairs a day regardless. I also have to mention, that i tie my hairs together so i hardly lose a hair during the day. Therefore all ends up in the brush.

Since 2 Months Iím on 0.25 mg EOD. I had some sides (reduced libido) in the beginning, but they are gone now. I even get morning wood and random boners during the day like before starting fin again. So far so good. But about 2 weeks ago this fu***** itch came back with an increased shedding. Now the itch occurs everywhere (MPB zones, back of the head, behind the ears, temples,...). Since then, I lose tons of hair each day (counted twice: brushed my hair AFTER showering and got 500+ hairs...) Also Iíve developed quite a lot dandruff which I didn't have before. The thinning is diffuse but worse in the MPB regions (temples). I don't think I lose hairs on the back of my head.

I really donít know what tot do now. Actually I donít want to quit fin, since this could just be the "fin Shed". On the other hand I don't know whether fin is triggering some sort of SD and actually making my hair loss worse.

Had anyone a identical experience? Until now i was able to hide the temple recession pretty good. But the last two weeks it has gotten worse :( If Iím going to continue lose hairs at this rate, well...

Best regards