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05-21-2016, 07:42 PM

05-21-2016, 07:52 PM
You know you can write more than one paragraph per post right?

Also no, furrowing your brow doesn't cause baldness. wouldn't that mean botox is a cure for baldness?

Your balding slowing down doesn't mean anything. Maybe you're less stressed now you think you've found a cure and that's why your balding is slowing. Maybe it was just going to slow down anyway.

Balding does not progress at a linear rate. Some people gradually lose hair at the same rate for years. Some people have a full head of hair till their late 30s and then go bald in a couple of years. Some people lose a little hair and then their progression halts for years before continuing.

It's a very complex biological process. There is no single cause. Hormones, cell signalling, genetics, epigenetics, oxidative stress, immune response are all involved. although a combination of upregulated AR receptors in the crown and increased level of DHT in the hair follicles is the primary factors for most people.