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05-21-2016, 09:55 AM
Hi, my hair loss started at the start of 2015. At the time I had started accutane and since it was known to cause hair loss I chose to ignore it although I remained very observant about my hair.

I took accutane off and on for the entire year by the end of 2015 in November I stopped completely.
During my treatment I also developed mild sebborhic dermatitis.
My hair fall remained throught out the year, however I was not experiencing any change in thickness or any recession, my hair was just much more dry and had a slightly different texture, it's sort of lost its shine (it still has)
After November I noticed only my right temple was slight receding, and it is still receding today
My left temple also started receding by February 2016 however fortunately it is less then the right one
My hairline has not moved back but I really feel like I've lost some thickness and now I can see my scalp after a shower which I don't recall being able to ever before.
I still lose around 20-40 strands of every day from all over my head (it's been 5 months since my last accutane tablet)
This is really bothering me and it's becoming difficult to hide my right temple now I've also lost density all over and especially on the front of my head
Please I am dying for help, I'm only sixteen!!!
My father is bald (he lost his hair at the end of his 20s) my mothers side has no baldness
I will attach pictures

Should I start finastride?? I am sixteen but my body is more like a 17/18 year old (I have some chest hair and slight facial hair)
(I turn 17 in October 2016)
I don't want to try minoxidil as I don't think it is worth it
Also can finastride further worsen my condition after or during treatment?
Do you guys think there will be a cure by 2020?
The sexual side effects do not bother me much as long as they are not permanent
I'm just scared of losing more hair
I've visited a dermatologist and he proscribed 5 mg finastride (known as Genesis in my country) however I think it was only due to my persistent pleading
My parents are against this drug and are least helpful in this entire situation they don't even acknowledge it.
I'm so desperate I feel like secretly buying finastride and giving it a go!
Please any help will be appreciated!!! This is bothering me so much I can't express my situation properly
Thank you so much!!!


05-21-2016, 10:02 AM
The thing that bothers me the most it that for the first time in my life I felt confident about my appearance, after living with severe acne since I was 12 things had just started to get better
I may be able to hold on some more time with my hair but it's the future that really scares me
Thanks guys!

05-22-2016, 08:48 PM
Personally, I wouldn't recommend fIna at such a young age. You're going to be going through lots of hormonal changes for the next few years and fina is very powerful.

What is the hair like in your family? Father? Uncle? Brothers? Grandfathers?

If they all have their hair, I wouldn't worry at all. You may lose a bit but you have more than enough right now.

I'd be patient - year after year we move further with treatments and procedures for hair. If you want, use toppik. But I wouldn't mess with any drugs.

Good luck

05-23-2016, 08:54 AM
Your hair looks good to me on the pic (at least you still have plenty!) but you are the one who can tell anyway.
I started to lose hair at around 16 or 17 and I know that I was probably the only one to notice it.

So... my advice would be (as usual) to do everything that I did not do back inthe day, lol:
Use soft shampoos without sulfate (maybe with ketoconazole). Eat healthy food. DO NOT SMOKE (I repeat: DO NOT SMOKE). Drink lots of water, sleep well, use various oils to massage your hair.

Do that for about 6 months or one year. If, after all that, you still feel itchiness on your scalp and you still lose hair, then, I would go back to the dermatologist.

05-28-2016, 01:17 AM
Thank you guys so much for replying!!
I'll take your advice and won't start finastride
Do you think we'll have a cure by 2020 btw?

05-28-2016, 06:22 AM
Thank you guys so much for replying!!
I'll take your advice and won't start finastride
Do you think we'll have a cure by 2020 btw?

That's hard to say. But when you're 21 or so - you can start with propecia and rogaine and hope a better cure will come soon.

05-28-2016, 07:14 AM
Thank you guys so much for replying!!
I'll take your advice and won't start finastride
Do you think we'll have a cure by 2020 btw?

I don't think anyone should "wait" for any cure.

THE first think to do is to stop itchiness and resolve scalp problems if you have some. This can be done with good shampoos and oils, and overall: being healthy.
And maybe taking care of yourself that way will be enough to stop your hair loss. But probably not.

If not, then the next step, in my view, is to try to shave your head (or get a "buzz cut" for a start) to see if you can handle that look. If yes, then you'll have less stress in your future fight against hair loss. Because you'd know that, if you lose the fight, at least you will be all right with that look. That will be your "plan B".
(One thing to know is that the first time you'll shave your head your scalp will surely not look very good, it's normal. Use a cap sometime if your uncomfortable and take care of your scalp with oils and good products and soon it will look more healthy.)
Most people think they can't look good with that look, but really, it's just a matter of getting used to it.
If you like that look, then I'm glad to tell you that you just won against hair loss! It's the only real "instant cure". Sort of!

If you can't handle the shaved look at least cut your hair very short. That way you'll not feel the wind messing with your hair style and people will look at you in the eyes and no more at your messy hair.

Next step is to actualy fight hair loss if the natural remedies are not good enough to get you any result.
You'd have to go back to the dermatologist (maybe another one, to get another point of view) and follow the instructions.
Could be minox, finasteride or both. Just understand the possible side effects and be ready for them. (Also maybe make a blood test to know if you have any deficiences.) but I think those medications are better to start after 18 or 19 years old anyway.
As you know, they are not a cure. They can stop hair loss and maybe, in certain cases, regrow 15 to 20% of your lost hair. That's already not bad if you still have plenty of hair.
(But minox can also make you shed a lot of hair at first. Be ready for that.)

Next step is hair transplant. But really, that is only to be used if any of the other steps are not good enough for you. And it's expensive. I understand people whose look is important for their work to get a hair transplant, but for the majority of us I think it does not worth the risk of a surgical intervention and the loss of money if you are not rich.

As for a real cure? Of course keep an eye on the news from time to time, but do not spend your life consulting internet in hope for it.
It's better to think there will be no cure and to be pleasantly surprised one day than spending 30 years hoping for something that does not come.

05-30-2016, 01:26 AM
Thanks for the reply
I got my hair cut really short recently and that really helped in taking my mind off my hair, also i feel like my hair is a little better then before (the temple recession isnt visible, thank god)
I feel like accutane really changed the quality of my hair and after the hair cut ive been applying eggs and esssential oils every 4-5 days
also been taking hair supplements
its just the future that really scares me!!
Thanks again, great advise!!

06-03-2016, 04:30 AM
Guys can I try saw palmetto tablets?
Are those safe for teens?
Would you recommend these tablets for a 16 year old
I'm sure it'll be better then nothing

06-08-2016, 08:07 AM
Someone please reply about saw palmetto

06-08-2016, 09:27 PM
I think I've replied on another thread you have about saw palmetto. Just as others have stated don't waste your time with it. I dont see any evidence in your images that you are thinning or experiencing MPB. It doesn't mean your not, but it's not obvious. I reall think you should slow down and wait 6 months or so. By then if you feel your loosing more hair go back to the derm. If you decide to go on Finasteride make sure you stay under a Drs. advice. Side effects are rare, but no drug is without certain risks. Anyway if you are certainly loosing your hair I don't think waiting until your 21 to start trying to save would be a good idea. Its much easier to save now than to regrow later.