View Full Version : Dr. Arocha, 2005 Grafts, 18 Months

05-20-2016, 07:30 PM
Today we'd like to present another case performed by Dr. Arocha and the team at Arocha Hair Restoration in Houston, Texas.

The patient below presented with NW4A loss with residual diffused hairs still being affected by DHT. The patient discussed his goals and he and Dr. Arocha came up with a game plan to address the areas of need.

The patient wanted to address the frontal zone but wanted to take a conservative approach with FUSS. If the result was to his satisfaction then he's be returning for more work if he felt it necessary.

Recently the patient returned to show us his 18 month result and he is quite happy with the final result, to the point that he is happy to allow us the use of his photos.

The photos below represent 2005 grafts transplanted via follicular unit strip surgery by Dr. Bernard Arocha.