View Full Version : Medical issue or MPB? In need of some advice

05-20-2016, 07:11 PM
A few years ago had severe dermatitis that lead me to being prescribed massive doses of the medication Prednisone. I noticed after about a year that the quality of my hair had suffered and I could see through to my scalp.

At the time I thought it was MPB, but upon reading up about it discovered that Prednisone causes hair loss and my illness could have caused a bout of telogen but that my hair would eventually grow back.

That's years ago now, and while I'm not sure I don't think it's gotten worse, but no better either. Could the illness have triggered existing MPB?
My hair is noticeably thin all over my head even though my hair line appears to be intact.

The first picture is my hair 7 or 8 years ago and the rest are from today.