View Full Version : ARTAS - The Truth About FUE Punch Size

05-18-2016, 02:45 PM
Spencer Kobren and Dr. Gabe Zingaretti, Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Restoration Robotics discuss some of the misconceptions concerning FUE punch size that are being circulated online, as well as other factors that determine actual FUE extraction wound size.


Gabe Zingaretti, PhD
05-19-2016, 06:28 AM
one thing that we/I forgot to mention is that the bevel shape and tolerances of the needle are also very important. the shape, dimensions and manufacturing process will also dictate the quality of the grafts. A small burr or an imperfection on the bevel will effect how the skin/grafts reacts. this is true for both manual and ARTAS FUE.

The quality control around the disposables is just as important as the tool used and the surgeons skills/experience