View Full Version : Dr Steven Gabel-Portland/Seattle–5-Months, 2490 Grafts – Frontal Hairline Repair

Steven Gabel, MD
05-16-2016, 08:52 AM
This patient is a 35-year-old gentleman who had a hair transplant several years ago with another physician in the Northwest. He was very disappointed for two reasons: the density that was achieved was not near what was promised, and secondly, the hairline design was too aggressive. His main goal was to increase the density in the frontal half of the scalp, make the frontal hairline more natural, and address the crown at a later date.

2490 follicular grafts were placed 5-months ago into the frontal half of the scalp. The photos are 5-months after surgery which demonstrates excellent growth of the transplanted hairs so far. He will experience more growth and maturation of the follicles over the next year. He is using Toppik on the crown to help conceal balding in that area, but there was no Toppik in the frontal half of his scalp when the photos were taken.