View Full Version : spiro and excess potassium help

05-16-2016, 04:21 AM

i have strated taking spiro few days ago
just 25mg a day for now, but i intend to increase it up to 100 in a course of a few months...

ive been doing some reading and read that spiro can lead to hyperklamia (something like that.. which mean too much potassium in the body) which is very - very dangerous.

potassium is in almost every food i eat -
tomatoes, orange juice, carrot juice, lots of leafs, and much more..
i cant and dont really want (because of the health in dose foods) to stop eating them....

i want to know - from the experienced spiro guys out there, how did it effected you..
have you been through regular blood tests to check if everything is alright ?

i dont really want to stop spiro either, but i cretainly dont want to suffer too much potassium which can lead to severe heart problems ...

what do you think ?