View Full Version : Finasteride / Mino shedding

05-15-2016, 06:10 AM
Dear all,

My first post on this forum so please bare with.

I start Fin last May or so, and for a few months after had immense shedding, I didnt count the hairs but it was like nothing i had seen before, brushing my hair they would just fall out, waking up to some in my pillows etc

I had read about the shedding phase and that its a sign that its working, the only thing is, I dont think that hair that was shed has grown back. Ive been receding for years but due to monetary issues and fear of sides I stuck to Mino for a year a while back, had to stop due to money problems.

I am now wondering whether the shed hasnt grown back as it needs Minoxidils assistance in that?

I am wary of adding Mino to my hairloss treatment right now as, with a lot of hairspray and styling I can hide most of my hairloss so it looks like I dont even have any, I'm afraid if I introduce Mino I will have another big shed and then there will be no hiding my loss.

Do you think Mino will cause another shed? Or perhaps as I had a shed with Fin then that phase is over?

I cant see the logic in more shedding, Id have thought the shed was the weak hairs shedding to make room for stronger thicker ones, adding Mino surely couldnt shed the weak hairs if Fin already did that and didnt regrow them?

Wish I could take Duta but nowhere in thr UK does it :'(