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05-14-2016, 05:08 PM
I am of indian decent, and naturally have thick hair. im only 20. thankfully hair is nice and thick, shaved it all of 5 months ago, and its growing nice and healthy. However, i noticed my corners were slightly receded like this. i pretty much have the same set of hair as nick jonas : http://imgur.com/koRDl11
thankfully i am not losing, or thining or shedding any hair. maybe some during shower but nothing excessive. just a little self conscious and would want to start any treatment as early as possible to avoid any future hairloss.
I do however kind of want to grow back some hairs on the corners of my hairline or at least keep them as they are, and prevent them from falling. i am sure i have experience a very small amount of hair loss from the corners over the years. very small.
also i want to maintain my natural thick hair, and keep it nice and healthy, avoid any sulfate based shampoo,conditioner, styling cream etc.
with all those things being said, what do you recommend? do you still recommend the three P's treatment...even though im not shedding or thining or losing hair? if you think the three P's is best, then of course i'll give it a try.
if not, what products do you recommend (shampoo, conditioners, styling cream)
also i am going to start this routine
apply Jamaican castor oil 2 times a week take 10000mcg biotin pills everyday wash hair only 2 times a week (when i apply the oil, i will sleep on it and wash in the morning)
so yeah, what do you recommend bro?

mainly im looking for shampoo's and conditioners that will prevent hair loss as much as possible, so im guessing they need to include dht blockers?

which ones do you recommend

thanks guys

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05-14-2016, 10:18 PM
Niz, and some other hair loss shampoos might help a little bit. Overall it doesnt really matter what shampoos you pick to clean your hair. No shampoo can block DHT or we would be closing the hair loss forums because everyone would not be going bald while using a DHT blocking shampoo to safely prevent MPB. Clearly that is not the case.