View Full Version : RU, Fin or S5?

05-14-2016, 10:35 AM

I currently take saw palmetto daily (1 month), use minoxidil foam (1 year) and nizoral 2% once a week. I turn 19 years old later this year. Basically, I'm looking for an AA to use to really halt/slow down baldness right now, as I don't want to lose more coverage. I have maintained my hairline with a bit of regrowth as well with the minoxidil, but as I don't apply everywhere on my scalp, I still feel like I'm thinning out.

I've read a lot about finasteride and it's side effects, making me really cautious about trying it. Add to that the fact that I have to schedule an appointment and so on. RU58841 seems great but there is only anectodal evidence and no safety studies making it slightly scary, but still seems anecdotally safer than finasteride.

Lastly S5 cream seems to be safe in the sense that there are studies done on it's safety. But it also is probably weaker than fin and RU. Will it do anything, if I try it? Is it difficult to apply?

Or should I choose one of the other alternatives?