View Full Version : Stress related tellogen effelivum or mpb

05-14-2016, 08:30 AM
Hello everyone. I am a 19 year old male experiencing thinning hair on top and a receding hairline. My family history in hairlines is pretty strong. Grandfather is sixty with a strong hairline and my uncle is forty with no recession. My father is thinned at forty but he also has thyroid issues. I have always had a receding hairline for as long as I can remember. Last December I had a severely stressful event. It was so stressful all I did was dwell on it for two weeks straight. It even caused stress induced erectile dysfunction which went away soon thereafter. It was about four months later when I noticed the hairline receding to about a norwood 2.5. My hair's are still shedding to this day. I will also note that I was doing hot oil treatments on my hair very frequently. I would like to note that I am also shedding eybrow hair's as well. And I believe I am diffuse thinning as I can feel patterns on my scalp and run my finger all the way to my crown through these little thin lines on the top of my head. Can anyone help me determine what is going on here?