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Ken Anderson, MD
05-13-2016, 01:51 PM
Name: Chris Markham
Age: 32
Norwood: 3

Printable PDF: 46657

Clinical History:
Chris Markham first came to see me when I was Chief of Hair Restoration Surgery for Emory Healthcare« in 2010, when he was 26 years of age. He felt he was looking older than 26 when we met, and he was unsatisfied with how hair loss affected his confidence. He felt his hair loss was detrimental to him at work, and also limited his social life. He told me he was afraid to ask women out for a date, and that his hair loss was very distressing to him in general. We started with some conservative therapy (Propecia«, Rogaine«) for about a year. In 2011 Chris decided to have his FUT procedure with me at Emory«.

Medical and Surgical:
Chris has had a total of two procedures. Initially he had a linear strip procedure in November of 2011, in which 1,121 FUT grafts were transplanted to his frontal hairline and bilateral temporal recessions. He was very pleased with this result, and kept up with the Propecia« and Rogaine«. Chris mentioned that he was amazed at how pain–free the entire process was, and that desired to have a second procedure to enhance his results. His second procedure was performed in September of 2013 using the ARTAS« Robotic Hair Transplant system at my new center, the Anderson Center for Hair, and he received 796 FUE grafts to the frontal hairline and bilateral temporal recessions. He also received a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with ACell« treatment at the time of his second procedure.

These pictures were taken 14 months following his ARTAS« FUE procedure, and 3 years following his original FUT procedure, in November of 2014. Chris is thrilled with the results, and states that he is “a different person” with his new hair. He has a fiancÚe and is getting married later this year. He continues the Propecia« and Rogaine« therapy to curtail future hair loss.











Gabe Zingaretti, PhD
05-13-2016, 05:20 PM
that's impressive. I see more and more use of ARTAS combined with PRP and ACell. do you use it on all your cases?

Ken Anderson, MD
05-16-2016, 12:34 PM
Thanks for your compliment and for your question. The short answer is yes. Unless the patient declines or has a known allergy to collagen, I use PRP with ACell« with every surgical procedure. I'm a big believer in "bio-enhanced" hair restoration surgery. Placing PRP with ACell«, and all of the associated growth factors and cytokines, into the recipient area ahead of the grafts just makes sense, particularly in older folks or those with diabetes or other condition that could tend to cause even slight wound healing problems, such as sun damage to the scalp.


The storage solutions used are also different at our Center. As we all know the industry standard holding solution for dissected grafts is 0.9% normal saline. This is sterile water with salt and chlorine added. As Hypothermasol« has been previously shown in the medical literature to increase survivability of transplanted follicles, if only makes sense to use it. I also add a quantity of Liposomal ATP from the Energy Delivery Solutions Corporation, which helps to provide the follicles energy while they are awaiting implantation. Both products are commercially available and are pictured above. These are small but what I consider to be important features of bio-enhanced hair restoration surgery.