View Full Version : First time transplant 950 grafts on vertax. Day 0 post opp

05-13-2016, 01:39 PM
Hello fellow hair nerds!!
Today after years of thinking about i had my first ever fue transplant!!

Feel free to ask any questions .

Some facts.
Male -30s
Ex non smoker.
950 grafts on vertax need about 2k more for front and fringe .

Anyway heres how the day went!

I arrived at clinic they took my bood and heart beat then cleaned my hair/head.
After talking through the plan they shaved my donor area.

After taking some meds, they made me lie belly first on a bed with a head rest ( imagine a massage chair)

Then they started to cool my skin with some spray and they started to inject antahisa into various parts of my donor area. I barely felt the needle it was pain free! Soon my head went numb , but wanst to cold or uncomfortable .

They then started to extract hair grafts, you can hear the drill but i dint feel it, i was feeling rather sleepy and chilled, only problem was i dont like keeping still for to long, so i imformed them a few times if i could just wriggle about and stretch!

Before i knew it it was lunch time!! It did go quite quick.

After lunch i was made to sit in a upright drill whilst the doctor again jabbed with local anesthesia.
He then started to staple holes in my vertex for hair grafts, again i couldnt feel anything , dint take long!

I was in chair for about 30 mins i think , then the two nurses started putting grafts back in dint feel much.

Then was made to lie back on belly for nurses to start putting more grafts in, half way through i started to feel the pain! It was a stining itchy burning burning on vertax area , it was very tender, i asked for a painkiller and more local annanthiesa.

The pain was about a 7/10 . But soon i was done !

Not long after that the pain started to go from top of my head!

Fast forward 3 -5 hours feeling good still got a slight burning / itchy pain on donor area about a 5/10. Feels like a mild tatoo! Tried to lie down seemed to make worse, so i will take some pain reilef soon and hope for a good night sleep !!!
( have got extra pillows to prop ,my head up)

Pic just after with grafts implated in vertex.
I was pretty tired when i wrote this so probably missed alot!