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05-08-2016, 07:18 PM
I'm 25, and I didn't even consider the possibility of hair loss until recently. My barber of a few years now said he noticed thinning in my hair. While admitted he just might have missed it before, he was still urging prevention. Of course, i was immediately concerned and began noticing signs and bald patches where I never had before. Since then, I've seen two other barbers - one regular (though not AS regular) and one I haven't gone to before. The regular told me I don't need to worry, the new told me I was thinning badly on top and if I am concerned about hair loss, I should be.

So I'm including a few pictures. My hair currently, and one picture of when I shaved my head for charity (St. Baldricks!) two years ago. I noticed some thinning in these pictures, but that was over two years ago. its all grown back since. Perhaps someone here can shed some light.

Thank you very much!

05-08-2016, 07:35 PM
Hey there Italia6449..overall, your hair looks A-OK!
It could ONLY BE a maturing hairline now since you are now 25 years old.
Now I would suggest that you start on minoxidil ...also start taking
the vitamin of the B complex, Biotin!
Both have a long history of helping to improve ones hairline!!
Both are 'over-the-counter' ....Do not ALLOW yourself to become stressed out or depressed about anything in your life.
That will absolutely cause serious issues to your hairline and eventually to your health too.
That is a FACT.
Again,,your hair looks OK dude!!