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05-08-2016, 11:10 AM
hi,i'm 22 and i think i'm a nw2.My doctor told me to use minox 5%,but i wonder if could be better to try something else,like cb,ru,etc..He suggested to use finasteride,but i really don't want to risk long term or permanent sides.My goal would be to mantain my hairline and maybe to have some regrowth on my temples ,and i'm really worried that i could compromise it with minox.Sorry for my english,but it's not my first language.

05-08-2016, 05:15 PM
HELLO Max1212 and welcome to the best hairloss forum around, The BaldTruthTalk !!
(Ive been here since 2010!)
I am much older than you so consider anything that I might advise to you OK?
By the way,,your english was OK, your posting was well read~no worries!
(where are you from?)

To answer your question , Minoxidil WILL do a good job in IMPROVING your hairline--you just have to be willing to 'step-back' a little bit and be calm and to await the improvements for a few months time.
I also suggest that you start also taking the B- vitamin complex , Biotin!
Biotin has a very long history of HELPING to improve ones hairline, men and women alike.
No need as yet to start on Finasteride.
Could you please post photos of your hairline,,front and back?
Of course, you DO NOT need to show your face bro but it would be good for us members that are here to try to help others,,especially young guys like you!!