View Full Version : Jerry Cooley MD, 800 FUE into Donor Scar, 4K Ultra HD Video

05-07-2016, 08:24 PM
Here is another 4K Ultra HD video for your review.

This patient came to see Dr. Cooley to inquire about filling in his donor scar from his previous strip surgery. The back had stretched but the worst areas of stretch back were the back "corners" sometimes referred to as the mastoid processes. These two regions always have a higher degree of tension than other areas of the donor zone and when clinics decide to get aggressive these are the areas that tend to have the highest chance of stretching to the point of dissatisfaction.

The patient also expressed a desire to finish the attempt at coverage that was not quite fully realized from the last surgery so Dr. Cooley suggested 800 FUE with 50 grafts extracted from the beard. This allowed for 400 grafts to be placed into the scar and the other 400 grafts were used to fill the small area of the crown that was still bare and without hair.

The result is one year after his procedure. If you have a 4K monitor or television be sure to crank the resolution of to 4K to see the details.