View Full Version : Dr Kapil Dua - Patient Result 5240 Grafts (FUE Gigasession)

Dr. Kapil Dua
05-04-2016, 11:23 PM
A 50 year old gentleman, NH grd VII, using a wig for the past couple of years enquired from us regarding his hair transplant. He wanted whole of the head to be covered in one session only. Although, we explained to him that we do such a high grade of baldness in multiple sessions only, but after his persistence, we took him up for covering the whole scalp in one session only by FUE technique only. We did his surgery in three days by the Bio- FUE TM technique (https://akclinics.org/hair-transplant/bio-fue/). We gave him a total of 5240 grafts from the scalp ( 2500), beard ( 1300), chest ( 1400) and legs ( 40). The hairline zone was constructed with 1500 grafts from the scalp alone. Then 1000 grafts from the scalp were mixed with the 1000 from beard and the chest till mid scalp. Behind that, it was primarily the body hair only.At the end of the surgery, we gave him the Bio therapyTM( PRP).
The patient was happy with surgery and the results after one year are being shown here. One of the points to be noted here along with the results is that there is not much hypopigmentation in the beard area from where the grafts were taken.