View Full Version : Just Do It! Dr. Jerry Cooley ....Michelangelo?

05-02-2016, 05:01 PM
Okay so I feel like I owe it to Dr. Jerry Cooley and to other guys like me who just didn't like their receding hairline (and didn't think the shaved head look was for them). My hair was thinning and my hairline had receded pretty significantly. I'm 57 and happily married but didn't think what I saw in the mirror reflected how fit and youthful I felt. So in Dec. 2014 one year after my initial consult I "just did it". "It" was 2500 grafts on my scalp and 100 per eye brow (for some strange reason I had also lost alot of my eye brow hair). Well all I can say is the results have exceeded my expectations. This was the best $12K I've ever spent on anything of a material nature. Dr. Cooley's entire staff was so professional and put me at ease throughout the process. I took the week of Christmas off and never had anyone say, "hey buddy did you get transplants?". The regrowth was slow and subtle but substantial. The comments I have received are along the lines of "wow I really like how your wearing your hair now....longer". I just chuckle...of course it's longer and alot thicker. For the first time in years I'v had to shop hair stylists...my wife used to be able to take care of my limited locks, but now she says she doesn't have the training to deal with my more voluminous locks. What else can I say...1) never had any pain 2) Dr. Cooley and his staff were always available to answer questions after the procedure 3) May result looks so nature & I wish I would have done it years ago. 4) Dr. Cooley is an Michelangelo in the field of hair transplantation and he his my complete endorsement.

05-03-2016, 12:12 AM